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Lacquerware TASSE Grün

Handcrafted mug made by urushi artisan with Samon-nuri urushi lacquer technique finishes. With density and texture, the natural urushi lacquered gives outstanding finishes to the surface. 

Material : Wood and Urushi finishes

Dimensions : 120x88x88mm
Available in 4 different colors (white, green, red, dark red, black)

*About Yoshida Matsuzo Shoten

Urushi is a natural resin collected on Urushi trees and used for centuries by Japanese artisans for traditional Japanese lacquerware. Yoshida Matsuzo Shoten is an Urushi specialist who uses a technique called Samon-nuri urushi to express the beauty of natural elements with urushi. Each piece is a state-of-the art object, a unique piece that highlights the aesthetics of Japanese beauty.