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Stories of Silver & Silk Co., Ltd.

Foxtail chain bracelet with 12 handmade silver charms

This bracelet is part of our ROOTS collection, that explores connections between our design inspiration and heritage input that comes from Thai Karen hill-tribe silversmiths that we collaborate with.
The fox-chain style bracelet is made in 92.5 silver, that closes with sterling silver lobster-claw style hook. The charms are rolled from a thick hammered and textured silver sheet - we used 95% pure silver to make those. There are 12 charms disposed on a foxtail-chain bracelet. By request some of the charms can also be slightly oxidized or gold-coated to create contrast with the other beads and the bright silver chain.

Material: 95-98% matte silver
weight: 36 g
size of the charms is approx. 10x10mm and 15 x8mm

Ready to ship in 15-30 days

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