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LED Waschbecken RENCA


The appearance which shows up with light makes you feel it’s godliness of lotus bloom floating on water. The shape made the best of different thickness for shadow of light has a deep appearance. The design with a tense and the shadow reflected by a deep sculpture make you feel as if it is a ceramic jewel.


LED shines the whole body from inside of the ceramics. A manufacturing method called casting made it possible to make space in the ceramics. It’s shines not because the ceramics is thin, but it’s made of special material and it has 8mm thickness.


To think of a translucent ceramic washbowl, I made the best of different thickness comes from casting. The washbowl can Innovatively change the washroom which has been a supporting role until now. There is a fresh surprise to see the light through a translucent ceramic washbowl and water together.

Material : Translucent ceramic from Shigaraki

*About Souhougama

Souhougama is a potter living in Shigaraki, Japan. Shigaraki is one of the six ancient kilns of Japan and has a long history in ceramics. Translucent ceramic was developed by the Shigaraki center or research in ceramics. This specific translucent ceramic is characterized by translucent properties superior to the porcelain.