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Keramik Lampe SENKO


I made use of a special feature of Shigaraki ceramics which allows light to pass through even if it is thick.I divided a typical lampshade into polygons, twisted and crease them on a computer. Then the lampshade has a fertile expression.When it’s lit, the shadow appears by it’s different thickness made by a technique of casting.


Originally, I designed this lamp with Japanese paper. In making this lamp with ceramics, the productivity is more increased than making it with Japanese paper and it shows more interesting appearance.

MATERIAL: Shigaraki translucent ceramic

*About Souhougama

Souhougama is a potter living in Shigaraki, Japan. Shigaraki is one of the six ancient kilns of Japan and has a long history in ceramics. Translucent ceramic was developed by the Shigaraki center or research in ceramics. This specific translucent ceramic is characterized by translucent properties superior to the porcelain. 

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